This game is currently in alpha stages of development.
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The game is being made with Unity3D in C#.

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You're a talented miner, hoping to make a fortune mining ores off asteroids. You plan a trip to a nearby colony of asteroids, with supplies to last a few months. You come close to a group asteroids, all of a sudden, you see text blaring across your control panel.OXYGEN SETUP INVALID! You activate the escape pod just in time. As you plummet into the depths of space, you watch as your ship gets torn from the inside-out. Now you're stuck on an asteroid, stranded with only your emergency supplies and a few pieces of mining equipment you managed to salvage from your ship. You look into the distance, you see another asteroid, as a few pieces of debris from your ship crash into it. And it is very dark out there, very dark.
- GameJolt

Development Team

GalaxyMiner360 - Developer, Artist, Design, Marketing

InfiniteGamer180 - Developer, Artist, Design, Marketing

AwesomeGamer9000 - Artist, Design

JackHacks - Design

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